Luxembourg School of Business
we started by working on Google Ads for LSB, but then we continued into conversion tracking, analytics, and dashboard setups for this amazing university. The main priority for LSB is making sure that they have clear and accurate insight into who is making meaningful actions on their website.
Luxembourg School of Business is a university located in Luxembourgh. The main problem that they initially had was an insufficient presence in the online ads space. Once we signed up, we started developoing a Google Ads strategy that would be able to properly target the areas that fits LSB's business goals. Combining the search and display networks in a coherent campaign plan was the way to go, so that's exactly what we did. This propelled their overall incoming site traffic by nearly 30% at a budget of $3,000 per month - their site visits went to 18K per month, from

Once we started seeing traffic surges, we quickly realized that we were missing out on proper and accurate tracking of users who send resumes, download brochures, and sign up for newsletters. Due to their website containing many different iframes and external domains integrated into many pages, it was difficult to actually record what was going on with users once they got to parts of the site where they were supposed to take meaningful actions.
Once we established what the problem was, we immediately started working on possible solutions. Our first solution was to try to access platforms that LSB was using for conversion events - such as Typeform, Mailchimp, etc. Our idea was to try to set up redirects and create a custom thank-you page in order to track conversions. This was not an ideal route, as we would have to make sure tracking did not break when switching through different domains. After tinkering with this idea, we realized that it was not feeseble due to the current way the client's website was set up. We were short on time, so we needed to think of a solution that WORKED and that could be executed.

What we came up with was the following - we managed to create a custom conversion event that used two different factors in establishing relevant user action:

  • Time spent on conversion pages
  • Engagement on those pages (i.e. number of clicks and keystrokes recorded)

Internal blogs may be used in lieu of meetings and e-mail discussions, and can be especially useful when the people involved are in different locations, or have conflicting schedules. Charity projects, architectural forums, 15 new spaces at the city center. Most charities are concerned with providing basic needs, such as food, water, clothing, health care and shelter.

Persuade: The 4-step Process
One of our earlier projects included creating a relevant marketing campaign on Facebook Ads for Andres Lares' book on Persuasion in marketing. This book has been recommended by tony robbins and our goal was handling the social aspect of the book's sales funnel strategy.
Persuade: The 4-Step Process is a book by Andres Lares. In this book, the reader can learn how to Influence People and Decisions, accomplish sales, negotiate, and influence. Experts Andres Lares, Jeff Cochran, and Shaun Digan PhD deliver a concise and insightful take on how to transform your ability to persuade others regardless of the setting.
We created a meaningful way to target the various identified audiences of this book. The fact that we had so many different ways to go about this project, and the fact that we wanted to keep initial marketing costs as low as possible meant that we needed to carefully construct creatives for each audience and promptly monitor and optimize the different ad sets of our campaign.

We targeted fans of certain celebrity authors who actually had good things to say about the book, which, with their permission, meant that we could actually use their phrases in our visuals.
PTV Australia &
One of our latest social media projects. PTV australia is one of the leading australian media networks in the psychic industry. They have paired their experts with, a phone app, to cater to younger demographics. creating an entirely new brand identity focusing on spiritual healing was essential.
We had to develop a detailed 2-month marketing strategy on a single channel - Facebook - in order to, firstly, drive new sign-ups for the app, and secondly, raise awareness of the new brand. Strategy development included:

  • Audience research
  • A/B testing for creative
  • channel selection
  • Timeline
  • goal definition
One of the biggest challenges on this particular project was finding out which audience of the younger demographics resonated most with our service - was it the career-driven type? Or was it more broad - but with interests in general wellness and self-care? This is why we created a unique campaign structure to target both.

Results we brought to the client were overwhelmingly positive on both of the initial target audiences. We managed to receive a total of 77 sign-ups for $781 spent in the first month. The target ad spend was $3,000 per month for two months, but since the client did not expect us to generate so many leads at once, their sales team did not have the capacity to continue. We are currently on hold and we will continue once our client has adequate resources to deal with so many sign-ups.

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